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Comprehensive marine design solutions for shipbuilding sector

Marine Design

We provide cutting-edge marine design solutions for all types of vessels, from small boats to large ships. Our experienced team combines creativity and technical expertise to deliver innovative designs that meet the unique requirements of each project.

CADCAM Solutions

Our CADCAM solutions optimize the shipbuilding process, improving efficiency and reducing costs. We offer a range of services, including 3D modeling, nesting, and CNC programming, to streamline production and ensure precise fabrication.

Ship Construction Supervision

We offer comprehensive supervision services to ensure the successful execution of your shipbuilding project. Our experienced supervisors closely monitor every stage of construction, from material sourcing to final outfitting, to ensure compliance with design specifications and industry standards.

Turnkey Solutions

Our turnkey solutions cover the entire lifecycle of marine projects, from initial concept development to final delivery. We take care of all aspects, including design, procurement, construction supervision, and project management, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Structural Analysis

We specialize in structural analysis for marine structures, including vessel hulls, offshore platforms, and marine equipment. Our advanced analysis techniques ensure the structural integrity and safety of your marine projects.

Model Testing

We offer model testing services to validate the performance and functionality of marine designs. Our testing facilities and expertise enable us to accurately simulate real-world conditions and assess the hydrodynamic characteristics of your vessel.

About Naval Arch Marine

Naval Arch Marine Sdn. Bhd. (NAM) is a leading marine consultancy agency based in Sibu, Sarawak, specializing in marine design and CADCAM solutions for the shipbuilding sector.

Our team at NAM consists of expert professionals dedicated to providing top-notch supervision throughout ship construction and turnkey solutions, making us the preferred choice for high-quality maritime services.

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Delivering cutting-edge marine solutions with expert supervision

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Decade of experience serving the local shipbuilding industry

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Providing end-to-end support in ship construction projects

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Creating advanced marine designs from inception to completion

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Ensuring highest standards in maritime solutions for client satisfaction

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